Modi talks to UK PM, raises I-day violence issue

PM Modi on Tuesday spoke to UK PM Boris Johnson over phone and raised the issue of violence against Indians participating in Independence Day celebrations outside Indian mission in London. According to a statement issued by the PMO, Modi drew Johnson’s attention to the challenges posed by vested interests pursuing their motivated agenda, including by violent means. via Times of India

Machine learning models help clinicians identify people who need advanced depression care

Researchers have created decision models capable of predicting which patients might need more treatment for their depression than what their primary care provider can offer. The algorithms were specifically designed to provide information the clinician can act on and fit into existing clinical workflows.

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New hydrogels show promise in treating bone defects

Bioengineers and dentists have developed a new hydrogel that is more porous and effective in promoting tissue repair and regeneration. Once injected in a mouse model, the new hydrogel is shown to induce migration of naturally occurring stem cells to better promote bone healing. Current experimental applications using hydrogels and stem cells introduced into the body or expensive biological agents can come with negative side effects.

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Studying organ crosstalk leads to a deeper understanding of sepsis

Sepsis, a complex systemic response to infection leading to organ failure, is generally studied at the level of individual organs; this research has hinted at altered metabolic changes. A new study takes a two-pronged approach and investigates for the first time the metabolic changes across affected organs in a large animal model of sepsis and identifies both potential common and organ-specific metabolic alterations contributing to the disease process.

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Examining the link between caste and under-five mortality in India

In India, children that belong to disadvantaged castes face a much higher likelihood of not living past their fifth birthday than their counterparts in non-deprived castes. Researchers examined the association between castes and under-five mortality in an effort to help reduce the burden of under-five deaths in the country.

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